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19.08.2018 • Latest News

Eco Chic was officially launched in 2014 by Austin Lee, managing director of Faye UK. This is due to the increasing need to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

The production of plastic has increased rapidly over the last century, due to the growing need for an affordable, hardwearing, durable and lightweight material. However, plastic is not biodegradable and can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Leaving over 5 trillion, pieces of plastic, floating in the world's oceans damaging the wildlife and its habitats.

This meant that something had to be done to reduce the need for plastic in our everyday lives. Eco Chic uses fashionable, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials which are practical for daily use. Eco Chic has grown dramatically over the last 4 years, supplying to 12 international markets and over 1,000 environmentally friendly retailers.

Eco Chic is focused on creating a more sustainable form of living through focusing on removing societies "throwaway culture" to help reduce the risks to the environment.


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