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After the arrival of the plastic bag charge in the UK, we realised the need for a solution that wasn’t just practical but also helped the environment

At Eco Chic, we created that solution, becoming the only the only UK supplier of sustainable bags and accessories with eye-catching and unique designs

Using environmentally friendly and lightweight materials, we created a reusable bag designed to last, helping make the little changes to reduce waste and help fight against throwaway culture. Weighing almost nothing at all, the bags are easily foldable, making them easy to store and use exactly when they are needed.

At Eco Chic, we’re proud of our products

All our bags and accessories come with a six-month warranty, so you can guarantee that they won’t let you, or your customers, down.

As well as providing the best quality products at affordable prices, we believe in giving you everything you need for your business

That’s why we offer a 24-hour turnaround service designed help you keep up with stock levels. We also offer a range of branded stands and displays for the floor or counter, providing the point of sale tools you need to help the bags and accessories fly off your shelves. Using a range of eye-catching designs and environmentally friendly fabrics, we create simple, hardwearing accessories designed for you and the planet.

With the success of our eco-friendly bags, we expanded our innovative solution to a wide range of accessories, including umbrellas, cool bags, cross body bags and ponchos.

Our bags and accessories not only give you an environmentally friendly and dependent solution but also offer attractive, fun and vibrant patterns that your customers will love. With a varied range of attractive and unique designs and fabrics, our bags and accessories are perfect for all kinds of customers, from those who need to solve a specific problem to impulse buyers.


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