Eco Chic

Make even the dullest of days brighter with our range of umbrellas.

At Eco Chic, our wholesale umbrellas are the perfect accessory to make sure you never get caught out by bad weather. Available in a variety of unique, fun and attention-grabbing designs, our umbrellas are ideal for brightening up anyone’s day. Environmentally friendly, our wholesale umbrellas are the reusable and sustainable solution to keep you dry even during the biggest downpours. Made of carbon fibre shaft and fibreglass ribs, our umbrellas give incredible durability, resistance and windproof security that you can rely on. With both compact, manual and automatic models available, there’s an umbrella perfect for every kind of customer.

At Eco Chic, we also offer a six-month warranty on all our products, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you can rely on our high-quality umbrellas.