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Disposable Cups

20.08.2018 • Latest News

With this growing culture of takeaway coffee and the need for caffeine, there are rapidly increasing issues with disposable cups. Even though most coffee cups are recyclable, there is a large miscommunication leading to many cups not being recycled.

In the UK alone, there are over 7 million disposable cups used every day, rounding to about 2.5 billion are used each year. Eco Chic has designed a new product which uses Bamboo fibre to create re-usable cups with a large variety of design and a clear sleeve.

Disposable coffee cups are made of paper. However, in most cases, a layer of 5% plastic polythene is used to make the material waterproof. This means that these cups cannot be recycled at normal recycling plants. This is due to the need for specialised equipment, in the UK there are only three sites where this can take place, this means that there are very few coffee cups are end up recycled.

The Bamboo Cups are used to create a sustainable alternative to disposable cups.


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