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0022-00 Pair of Hooks for Panel Side 0022-00 Pair of Hooks for Panel Side

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When you’ve got a great product, the only thing that remains is to show it off in style.

At Eco Chic, we’ve got a selection of wholesale merchandise display stands to suit you. Whether you need small and compact counter stands or larger floor stands to truly show a range of products, we’ve got you covered. Specially designed to fit our bags and accessories, our merchandise stands save you the time, energy and hassle of making the perfect display. Able to showcase our bags and accessories the way they were meant to, our merchandise stands are the ideal point of sale solution to help our products fly off your shelves and entice your impulse buyers.

At Eco Chic, we make environmentally friendly, stylish and sustainable products to be proud of. Show them off in style with our merchandise display stands.