Eco Chic

Over 3 million Bottles recycled


In 2020 we transitioned to using 100% recycled PET plastic bottles as the main material for our products, transforming them into GRS-certified polyester fabric for its bags through a shredded, and melted process. We have stayed with our promise to offer products that are eco-friendly and now at the end of 2023 we have managed to recycle over 3 million Bottles in our effort to practice environmental stewardship in this unique way.

This year, we expanded our collection to include boxers and socks for men, complementing the women's socks introduced in 2022. The boxers are crafted from 5% elastane and 95% viscose derived from bamboo fibres, offering a soft, skin-friendly option perfect for leisure, sports, and everyday wear and the socks are made from 75% viscose from bamboo fibre, 16% polyester 8% polyamide 1% elastane.

Eco Chic transforms bottles that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste into stylish bags, umbrellas, and ponchos and much more. All this would have not been possible without our combined efforts. Together we have brought us all one step closer to a better world, and we hope that in years to come we can do even more!