Eco Chic

Eco Chic Bamboo Cup, your safety is our priority


As a company, quality and safety of our product is at the core of ECO CHIC's value’s.

Since the news broke that a number of Bamboo mugs do not meet the FDA food safety standards, we were keen to undertake additional tests to prove the quality of our mugs.

Our mugs have been thoroughly tested and passed all relevant FDA / LFGB tests including for the temperature test for 14 hours (7x 2hours) by Intertek, our global laboratory partner for food safety test.

Attached is a link to the tests we have undertaken to prove the quality of our products ad the validity of our claims.

What are pollutants?

All bamboo cups are currently bonded with resin composed of formaldehyde and melamine. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment does not see any health concerns when using cups, plates or bowls with melamine resin for hot beverages and food, as long as the legal limit values in the product composition are observed.

EU Standards 10/2011 and 1935/2004 contain test limits that must be met in order for products like cups, plates and bowls containing these compounds to be certified as safe. To ensure these values are met, Eco Chic Bamboo Cup is rigorously safety tested by our factory, independently by Intertek and randomly by the UK government. Tests of Eco Chic bamboo cups score up to 75% lower than the maximum safety limits set by the EU Standard.

What Can Retailers Do?

We recommend that retailers check that all reusable cups they sell are independently safety tested and compliant with current legislation and safety standards. It is essential that retailers and their staff are aware of safety concerns and are well informed to be able to answer any customer questions on the reusable cups they stock.


Do feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or require any further information.